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Ready to take action for ocean protection? Learn more about how to get involved and make a difference in your local community.

Dive Against Debris Friends

Current Campaigns

Project AWARE works internationally to direct policy-oriented and science-based campaigns to protect sharks and rays and address the marine debris issue. We advocate for long-term, global solutions to prevent trash from making its way into the ocean and stronger safeguards for at-risk sharks and rays. Check out our current campaigns.

Start or Join an Event

Across the globe, Project AWARE’s community of divers, ocean enthusiasts and marine conservationists are joining forces to make a positive impact for our ocean planet. Whether spreading knowledge of environmentally friendly scuba diving practices, coordinating large-scale Dive Against Debris® data collection, or raising funds and awareness for marine protection through Finathon®, the dive community is leading the fight for clean, healthy and abundant seas. Start or join an event here.

Find & Report Debris

Your Dive Against Debris® data provides critical evidence to drive change and work toward solutions to stop marine debris at the source. Check out our global Dive Against Debris map and report your own data to contribute to long-term solutions.

Dive With Us

From Project AWARE Specialty Courses to SCUBA certification and more, discover how you can dive in with Project AWARE.

Start a Fundraiser

Whether you want to host a swim-a-thon, bake sale, donate your birthday or run a marathon for ocean protection, your financial support is critical in the fight to protect the ocean. Help raise much-needed funds to support our marine conservation work with a Finathon® fundraiser today.


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