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10 Tips for Divers Action Kit

How do you protect the ocean? It's time to Boost Your Eco with Project AWARE's 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean.

Grab your 10 Tips tools and start spreading the word today! Encourage your friends, family and divers to take the pledge.

Snap a #Selfie

10 Tips for Divers Pledge

Download the 10 Tips sign and snap a #Selfie.

Spread the word and share your #10Tips4Divers Selfie on your social media channels. 

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You can check out all your fab #Selfies on Pinterest or FlickR.

Pinterest: Share your 10 Tips For Divers Selfies - Tag your photos #ProjectAWARE and #10Tips4Divers.

Instagram: Share your 10 Tips For Divers Selfies - Tag your photos #ProjectAWARE and #10Tips4Divers

10 Tips for Divers Poster

Whether you work, play or dive, print your own 10 Tips poster and display in the dive store, boat or classroom for all to see.

You can also request a copy of the 10 Tips for Divers Poster by contacting with your contact details.

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10 Tips for Divers Handout

Download, share and connect divers to the 10 Tips.

PADI Pros: You can use 10 Tips as part of your dive briefings, or during your next scuba course.

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