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Sharks and Rays Toolkit

You’ve heard about the problems facing sharks and rays. Overfishing, bycatch, finning and more. You’re ready to dive in and help protect some of the ocean’s most vulnerable creatures.

Take a look at the latest and greatest tools to show your support or drive community action. Together we can help secure a brighter future for sharks and rays everywhere.

AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Study Guide

Unmanaged fisheries. Finning. Overfishing and more. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Read the AWARE Shark Conservation Study Guide. We’ll lead you through threats and solutions. And you’ll swim away with practical actions you can take to give sharks a fighting chance.

Available in:  English  |  Japanese   |  Indonesian   |  German   (volunteer translation)


It’s the ultimate good deed for threatened sharks and rays. Take action with a Finathon fundraiser and help drive community support. 

Devil and Manta Rays at Risk

They’re easy targets. Moving slowly through the ocean, these gentle filter feeders are fished at alarming rates. Discover what you can do to help protect these gentle giants with our video.

10 Tips for Divers

Live and dive by our eco code of conduct and help protect sharks and rays now and into the future. Take the 10 Tips for Divers pledge today and join thousands of scuba divers everywhere who’ve pledged to do the same. 

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